A new add-on "File manager for bpm'online" provides file storage in your own directories, administration of file versions and much more

The command of "Aplana. Business solutions" presents a new file manager for bpm'online.

New features of the add-on include:

  • add the file manager module to the page of any system partition using the page editor;
  • managing the file directory and setting access rights to it;
  • download, move and delete one file, and collect files in one click;
  • configuring the file store type with the local server or database;
  • storage of multiple versions of files;
  • view image files in the window directly on the page by double-clicking;
  • adding to the archive and unpacking the zip-archive;
  • playback of audio files;
  • playback of video files;
  • control access to file directories.

For more information please visit the bpm'online marketplace: https://marketplace.bpmonline.com/app/file-manager-bpmonline

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