Mobile. The number of opportunities on mobile is less than in the desktop version.


In the mobile app, I only see a single opportunity created by the Supervisor user. Why I do not see the rest?


In bpmonline sales omnichannel (the "Opportunities" section), we use the following base logic:

1) While synchronizing, the mobile app only downloads opportunity records for the current user.

This is done to save memory and reduce synchronization time.

2) The data is filtered by the "Opportunity stage.Final = FALSE" condition in the “Opportunities” section of the mobile app.

This is done for convenience - the user only sees all his incomplete tasks.

Note: If the "Stage" field is empty, the opportunity will not be displayed at all. 

At the same time, such opportunities are stored in the mobile application and can be accessed from other sections (for example, from the “Activities” section to view the related opportunity record).

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