Missing processes


I create few processes started on object signal adding record to entity.

Some of the proceses haven't started.

There is no any entries in logs.

I also serch throw server and application logs and there is no entries eigther.

Maybe someone encounter on such disfunction

Regards; Tomek

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Hello Tomasz,

Can you please specify which object have you chosen to trigger the process? Can you please also provide us with some screenshots of the process and what should it do?

Best regards,


Hi Oskar;

I am appreciate for your support

We have two process started on the same signal. Unfortunately I can’t attach the screen (They are too big).

the signal is Add record for Entity ClaimSignal whit specify type.

I attach the process log when you can see that one “Handle claim formally accepted signal is completed.

the another Courier and repair facility assignment even hasn’t start.

We got some errors in error logs but no in specify time

Regards Tomek

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