How to take the recipient's time zone into account during campaign execution


How do I take the recipient's time zone into account during campaign execution?


Marketing campaigns enable you to transfer participants to subsequent campaign steps at a certain time / frequency via the [Timer] element. Using this element in tandem with an outgoing sequence flow on the campaign diagram enables you to take into account the recipient's time zone. 

To do this:

1. Place the [Timer] element on the campaign diagram. Populate the element's properties with necessary values.

2. Connect the [Timer] element to a subsequent element(s) with a sequence flow.

3. In the sequence flow properties, select the "Set up filtering conditions" value in the [Which conditions must the contacts meet to transition to the next step?] area.

4. Click "+ Add condition". Select the following filter:

5. Specify additional filtering conditions: 

This way the participant will only be transferred to the next campaign step if their time zone is +2 (UTC +2). Always specify a double number in this filter. For example, if the time zone is "+2", type in "+02", or if it is "+4", type in "+04".

6. Add any other required elements to the campaign diagram and click [Save].

Please make sure that the time zones are specified in the "Cities" lookup, as they are pulled from cities specified in the recipient's contact record during campaign execution. 

Additionally, we recommend adding a conditional flow for those recipients that do not have cities specified in their contact record. 



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