Displaying columns in editable record list (drop-down list)


How can I set up a field of a drop-down list type out of a lookup field in an editable record list version SalesEnterprise + Marketing + CustomerCente? I created an editable record list of activities, the [Status] field on the activity page is a drop-down list. But in the editable record list the same field is a typical lookup with the corresponding lookup window.

P.S. The solution is useful, if there is no edit page or there are either a lot of them, or they are basic.


You can override the generateActiveRowControlsConfig() method in the detail schema and pass the necessary additional config when needed.

In our case, you can add:

if (columnName = "Status") {
   cellConfig.contentType = Terrasoft.ContentType.ENUM;

Right after you create cellConfig in it.

You can take the source code from the ConfigurationGridUtilities schema if it is different from the one used in the provided example.

An example of a detail schema, where everything was tested, including making the grid editable, with overriding generateActiveRowControlsConfig:

define("UsrSchema1Detail", ["terrasoft", "BusinessRulesApplierV2", "ConfigurationEnums", "BusinessRuleModule",
    "GridUtilitiesV2", "ConfigurationGrid", "ConfigurationGridGenerator", "ConfigurationGridUtilities"], function(
        Terrasoft, BusinessRulesApplier, ConfigurationEnums, BusinessRuleModule) {
    return {
        entitySchemaName: "Activity",
        attributes: {
         "IsEditable": {
            dataValueType: Terrasoft.DataValueType.BOOLEAN,
            type: Terrasoft.ViewModelColumnType.VIRTUAL_COLUMN,
            value: true
        mixins: {
         ConfigurationGridUtilites: "Terrasoft.ConfigurationGridUtilities"
        details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{}/**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/,
        diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[
            "operation": "merge",
            "name": "DataGrid",
            "values": {
               "className": "Terrasoft.ConfigurationGrid",
               "generator": "ConfigurationGridGenerator.generatePartial",
               "generateControlsConfig": {"bindTo": "generatActiveRowControlsConfig"},
               "changeRow": {"bindTo": "changeRow"},
               "unSelectRow": {"bindTo": "unSelectRow"},
               "onGridClick": {"bindTo": "onGridClick"},
               "activeRowActions": [
                     "className": "Terrasoft.Button",
                     "style": this.Terrasoft.controls.ButtonEnums.style.TRANSPARENT,
                     "tag": "save",
                     "markerValue": "save",
                     "imageConfig": {"bindTo": "Resources.Images.SaveIcon"}
                     "className": "Terrasoft.Button",
                     "style": this.Terrasoft.controls.ButtonEnums.style.TRANSPARENT,
                     "tag": "cancel",
                     "markerValue": "cancel",
                     "imageConfig": {"bindTo": "Resources.Images.CancelIcon"}
                     "className": "Terrasoft.Button",
                     "style": this.Terrasoft.controls.ButtonEnums.style.TRANSPARENT,
                     "tag": "remove",
                     "markerValue": "remove",
                     "imageConfig": {"bindTo": "Resources.Images.RemoveIcon"}
               "initActiveRowKeyMap": {"bindTo": "initActiveRowKeyMap"},
               "activeRowAction": {"bindTo": "onActiveRowAction"},
               "multiSelect": false
        methods: {
            generateActiveRowControlsConfig: function(id, columnsConfig, rowConfig) {
                this.columnsConfig = columnsConfig;
                var gridLayoutItems = [];
                var currentColumnIndex = 0;
                this.Terrasoft.each(columnsConfig, function(columnConfig) {
                    var columnName = columnConfig.key[0].name.bindTo;
                    var column = this.getColumnByColumnName(columnName);
                    var cellConfig = this.getCellControlsConfig(column);
                    cellConfig = this.Ext.apply({
                        layout: {
                            colSpan: columnConfig.cols,
                            column: currentColumnIndex,
                            row: 0,
                            rowSpan: 1
                    }, cellConfig);
                    if (columnName = "Status") {
                        cellConfig.contentType = Terrasoft.ContentType.ENUM;
                    currentColumnIndex += columnConfig.cols;
                }, this);
                var gridData = this.getGridData();
                var activeRow = gridData.get(id);
                var rowClass = {prototype: activeRow};
                BusinessRulesApplier.applyRules(rowClass, gridLayoutItems);
                var viewGenerator = this.Ext.create("Terrasoft.ViewGenerator");
                viewGenerator.viewModelClass = {prototype: this};
                var gridLayoutConfig = viewGenerator.generateGridLayout({
                    name: this.name,
                    items: gridLayoutItems


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