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I am working with a business process using the process element [Call Web Service].

The web service configuration and the call are working correctly.

The JSON response is similar to:


"$ totalResults": 2,

"$ startIndex": 1,

"$ itemsPerPage": 100,

"$ resources": [


      "$ clave": "t6UJ9A000001",

      "$ Static_state": 200,

      "$ etag": "Yi4EmiUg3xw =",

       "Account": {

             "$ clave": "A6UJ9A0001RU",

             "$ uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",




      "$ clave": "t6UJ9A00000B",

      "$ Static_state": 200,

"$ etag": "wMpPUtrfgdA =",

"Account": {

"$ clave": "A6UJ9A0001RX",

"$ uuid": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",





My goal is to iterate the JSON and finally create tickets in BPM with the source information.

Using a pre-configured page I was able to determine that the parameter where the information is returned is [#WS Step.Response body #]

How can I take this value in a Script Task and process the JSON? or what is the correct procedure to do this?

Previously I should be able to take the value of the parameter [#WS Setp.Success #] to determine if the execution was successful

Thank you!

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get/set a parameter value in a business process script task

var parameter1 = Get<Guid>("Parameter1");

Set("Parameter2", parameter1.ToString());

var parameter2 = Get<string>("Parameter2");

get object of type UserConnection

var userConnection = Get<UserConnection>("UserConnection");

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