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I've configured Azure AD to my BPM. Other external application (web app) uses same Azure AD. I am trying to figure it out, how to do this:

1) Logged (via Azure AD) user on external web app, clicks button which will send request to BPM (to execute some process)

2) BPM should receive request and somehow assign executing process to currently logged user on external web app

Do you know the way to do this? Maybe I should do something like this:

1) Create technical user on BPM

2) Use this technical user credentials to login via BPM AuthService 

3) Send request to BPM (one of sent parameters will be username or email of currently logged user on web app)

4) BPM can somehow assign this username/email to executed process (how to do this?)

Maybe there is some better way to make it work? I saw that on BPM 7.13 there is some OAuth 2.0 integration -> https://academy.bpmonline.com/documents/technic-bpms/7-13/setting-oauth-20-application

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Hello Tomasz,

The idea is to authorize your external web app to bpmonline using user`s credentials. More about authentication by the link: 


Afterwards, business processes will run under this user. Other way to run process under certain user are not available due to security reasons.

One more way to implement this is to log in as technical user e.g. Supervisor and include information about target user in request, After that it`s up to you how to process it in business process.



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