I m trying to send to a source code object a guid converted to string format

I allready do this in an other process with the orderId using: 

var orderId = Get("OrderId").ToString();



When i save and compile my process, i get no error, but when i start the process, i get the following error:


My AccountAddressId parameter is an Id:


And i set it with the Read Primary Account Address First collection element:



What wrong m i doing ?


Thank you


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Hello Nicolas,


The very same process in my local app didn't return the error. Are you sure that the issue is in the accountId parameter, but not in the two other parameters? 

Oleg Drobina,

if i comment the line with the accountAddressId parameter, the process doesn't return me any error, so the problem seems coming from this line.

Oleg Drobina,

Well, i change the var name: accountAddressId to adressId

and now it works, may be i miss something

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