Hi there, can someone assist me please? I am trying to display the account logo on the opportunities landing page. When I try to add it to the tile view I can't seem to find the logo field. The closest I could find is [Opportunity] > [Account] > [Account Logo] 


Please assist. Thanks. 


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hi Nemanja Stabic,


In this case, do you want to add an image field in the Opportunity section? Here is the academy article that helps this case Add image field in record page.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu

Hi Bhoobalan, 


Thanks for the response. I have looked at the article you shared and it’s not quite what I am looking for. I am looking to add the logo of the Account on the Opportunities landing page i.e. the page with the grid/ tile view. Is there a way to do this?

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Is it possible to have custom dynamic content block of dashboard.

Just like for example, Latest Product with image and other detail like price and availability?

Image should show on right side and other detail on right side

Any help will be highly appreciable.



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Hello Muhammad!

It a pretty ambitious task, unfortunately there is no instruction how to achieve it. 

You may try to create dashboard by yourself using the out of the box ones as example. Also you may try to add the iframe to the desired page, and implement functionality in iframe. 

Best regards,



I also thought for adding a html page on iframe but I need to show data from db on that html page

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