Good day! Is there a possibility to save summaries profile data for all users like in 'GridSettingsPage'? Permission for such operation must be available only for system administrators

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Hello Sandra,


There is no OOB tool that can help you to achieve your business task but you can do some inserts via SQL tools. The table that you need is called 'SysProfileData' and the Key that you need is called 'Section-Account-MainGrid-Summary'. So having this information you can do the insert for some specific Contacts in the system.

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Hi Community,

Any idea how can I show records count summary in mobile section list just like in crm (please see screenshot below).


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Dear Fulgen,

Such functionality is available starting from the version 7.14.4

Here is the example of the accounts section

More detail are in the release notes:

Best regards,


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Hi community!

How are you?

I hope you can help me!

How could you add a record totalizer in a detail?

The following image shows what I need

Something similar to what there is at the section level...

King Regards!



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Dear Ezequiel,

The following functionality cannot be achieved with the help of the user tools. In case you want to develop this feature you can inspect it in the section for the example of the implementation.

Moreover, in case you do not want to implement such functionality yourself you can contact your account manager in order to get some help.

Warm regards,


Hi Ezequiel, you can install from marketplace (there're  lot of free usefull app/templates) the app to do waht you need, please see

Enjoy It,

Julio Falcón

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