Hi colleagues,


  • Somebody use S3Bucket on Clout to
  • Detect when a new file is available,
  • download it to some local storage or memory or atatch to some creatio record
  • In case of and excel file, use it later to import this data to some Creatio Object?


Thanks in advance


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Julio Falcón

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If your website is hosted in the cloud, you have the ability to check files only within your website or support. However, if your website is hosted locally, you are responsible for hosting S3 yourself.


Here is more information about S3:


Kalymbet Anastasia,

thanks, but this is not my problem, sorry if I didn't explain it well.

What I need: 

1.- Detect with Creatio when a new excel appears in the S3 bucket that I designate.

2.-Automatically take the excel and import it to the contacts entity.

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Hi Team,

In the version "Creatio 7.18" release we have a feature to integrate Creatio with AWS-S3 bucket container to store the attachments and files.




I couldn't find any article to accomplish this in 7.18 and I can see only this https://marketplace.creatio.com/app/amazon-cloudfront-connector market place app.

Can you please provide us with an update on the steps to perform or achieve this in creatio 7.18?

Best Regards,

Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

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The integration was not officially released yet. It is being tested by our developers at the moment. Once all tests are fully completed we will update the documentation. 


Please let us know in case any further information is required. 


Best regards, 


Olga Avis,


Thanks much for the update!

Olga Avis,

By chance can we have any update for integrating AWS (S3) with Creatio as we have released 7.18.2, Please?

Olga Avis,


Can we have any update on the integration of AWS (S3) with Creatio, Please? 

Olga Avis,


We have the article updated for S3 integration in Creatio academy.


Is this only for on-site?

How can we implement the same in cloud site?

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