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Currently, when we send outgoing emails from Creatio, they are marked as "not processed" in the CTI panel. This means that agents have to manually click on each outgoing email in the CTI panel and mark it as "processed." This manual step can be time-consuming.



Is there a way we can configure Creatio to automatically mark outgoing emails as "processed" when they are sent? 


If such automation is possible, could you please provide guidance on which object reference needs to be considered for the CTI panel? Any insights or best practices in implementing this change would be helpful.


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Such a task can be accomplished by creating a simple business process.

Information about whether an email has been processed or not is stored in the EmailMessageData table in the IsNeedProceed column.


For each email created in the system and stored in the Activity table, we also record information about that email in the related EmailMessageData table.

This table is used to display records in the CTI panel.

Therefore, you need to create a process that triggers whenever a new record is added to the EmailMessageData table, where the Role field is 'From' (indicating sent emails), and where the SyncSessionId is not filled in (this column stores the ID of the session that performed synchronization, indicating that the email was sent directly from the email service and not from Creatio). If you want all emails to have the Proceed value, regardless of where they were sent from, you can skip this filtering step.


Afterwards, you should update the IsNeedProceed column to false for this record in the EmailMessageData table.

I hope this answers your questions. Thank you for reaching out!


Pavlo Sokil,

Thank you so much. I have made the changes, and it is working as expected.

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