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Is it possible to create an email content block without mjml code inside?

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Hello Stefano, 

Yes, it is possible to create an email content block without using MJML code. There are various ways to create email content blocks, such as using HTML code.

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Orkhan Gojaev


I would like to use the html embedded editor for editing html directly in the email designer.

I can cut and paste an html snippet on email designer, but the end user have to use an external html editor.

Is it possible to use the content block and the relative embedded editor without MJML?


Many anti-spam/anti-virus software remove the html comments used by MJML in the body of emails, so emails received by recipients differ from the preview shown by creatio.

Hello Stefano Bassoli,


Could you please explain in more detail when and why end users have to use an external HTML editor, and what issues you are facing with the current editor you are using? Additionally, I'm interested in learning more about the problems with your markup, so that I can better understand your needs. If possible, please provide me with a detailed description of the situation so that I can provide you with more specific information.

Best regards,

Orkhan Gojaev

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