I have read all documentation on lead channel vs lead source but am still unsure how I should use them.


Can someone that is gathering leads from a trade show tell me how they use these categories? Would the channel be 'Trade Show' and the Source be the name of the trade show? Or do you use other fields, such as 'Event' for the name of the trade show?


We want to track our leads for every specific trade show and conference we attend.


Thanks in advance

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There are several ways to transfer leads to Creatio. 

1)create lead manually

2)from bulk emails

3) create a lead from the landing page

The way you describe it is for working with a landing page. 

The [ Landing pages and web forms ] section is used to set up integration between Creatio and web forms on your websites. As a result, each time an integrated web form is submitted, a new record is automatically created in Creatio using data from the submitted form. Landing page integration can be used for generating leads, adding customers to event participants, automatic order registration, and more. 

The main idea of Lead channel and source is tracking from which website leads come to our system.

The channel field contains information about the type of web resource from which this lead came (for example social network). The source contains information about the name of the web resource from which the lead came. Creatio uses UTM marks to track lead generation channels. They help to analyze which resource leads come from. More information about in this article: https://academy.creatio.com/docs/8-0/user/marketing_tools/website_track…

More information about how to work with Lead channel and source can be found at the link:https://academy.creatio.com/docs/8-0/user/marketing_tools/website_track…

Viktoriia Hrynchuk,

 thanks for the reply. My question is more geared towards adding a lead manually that we get at an in person trade show. We have decided to use 'Event' as the Channel and then create an Event for each specific trade show to connect the leads to that event.


Channel  = Event

Event = Waste Expo 2023

Thanks again for the reply.



Yes, you can use the Event as Chanel, but after you register the lead you need to manually import it to the necessary event.

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