I am trying to get the details of leads from clickfunnels to google sheets and then using a zap to get them into the instance which are only coming in as contacts. But I want those details to enter the CRM as leads and not as contacts and accounts.


Is there a way to get the Leads into the instance? I can only see option for Contacts and Accounts in Zapier.



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I created my own Webhook for this purpose and have Zapier call my webhook to pass the data, then I use OData in the webhook to create the lead in bpm'online. The webhook I created was very simple, it's basically just receiving the data from Zapier as fields in the form body from a POST - there really isn't much to a webhook, but you do need a place to host it. 

I'd prefer not to do this, I would love to have the official Zapier tasks for bpm'online allow for more entity types. 

I am pretty sure you could accomplish the same using a landing page and have Zapier call the endpoint for the landing page and you'd modify the payload in Zapier to match the field names of the landing page. I believe this should be possible, but I have not tried it yet. 


Can not agree more.... Zapier has lots of capabilities and if only we could use it to its full potential.

Ryan Farley writes:
I would love to have the Zapier tasks for bpm'online allow for more entity types

Hi @ryan. 


Did you setup your webhook via Zapier Webhooks? I seem to have set up everything correctly, but am. getting the error:



{resultMessage:"Not allowed request URL.",resultCode:-1}


I'm using https://hooks.zapier.com as the request URL. 


Do you have any ideas? 




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