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I am not able to replicate https://academy.creatio.com/documents/technic-sdk/7-15/how-add-auto-numbering-edit-page-field?_ga=2.112080903.283211749.1623923008-1596851256.1623923008 it successfully on our custom package. Client-side implementation is working as expected. If we try the server side, it is not working. Could anyone please help us with what I am missing? Or is there anything specific we need to do? Even I tried following https://community.creatio.com/questions/auto-numbering-server-side-doesnt-work and could double check on the parameters mentioned.


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Thanks in advance.

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In addition to the above, I could see the source code section on the downloaded https://academy.creatio.com/docs/node/2311 package with many autogenerated function related to event triggers. If I check my custom object it only has getter and setter for each columns.

To autogenerate the source code I have tried 

1. Generate schemas

2. Publish

3. Complie

All options I have tried but Source code is not generated.




From the screenshots it look like the column you're storing the number in is "UsrCode", however the screenshots show you're attempting to set that in a column named "Code".

Change the line that says:

Entity.SetColumnValue("Code", UserTask1.ResultCode);

To this:

Entity.SetColumnValue("UsrCode", UserTask1.ResultCode);

Secondly, it's unlikely that the name of the UserTask component (the element titled "Generate ordinal number" in your screenshot) is really just UserTask1 (unless you've changed it to that). To find it's name, select that element, then click the three-dot button on the top of the properties on the right and switch to advanced mode to see the name. Then change the "UserTask1" part of the code in both script tasks to that name (it's likely something like UserTask_ followed by random numbers/letters)


Ryan Farley,


Thanks for your reply. I have double checked my code and I have changed it into "UserTask1" also I have shown 2 examples where I am trying to follow the tutorial with property value as "Code" and my custom section with the property as "UsrCodee".


Also, I see this as because of missing source code details for my custom section than the sample SDK which was referenced in the document.



Altaf Hussian


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Can you please explain the execution of the sub event process element?

It says: The event sub-process actions are executed as regular elements of the current business process and do not interrupt its execution.

When I through a message and an event sub process is being called, does the main process waits for the sub process to finish (like a regular sub process or regular element) or they run together?



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