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Run the .NET 6 server:

COMPlus_ThreadPool_ForceMinWorkerThreads=100 dotnet Terrasoft.WebHost.dll



Unhandled exception. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

   at Terrasoft.EventSourcing.Configuration.EventStoreUtitities.GetEventSourcingConfiguration(Configuration configuration) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.EventSourcing/Configuration/EventStoreUtitities.cs:line 70

   at Terrasoft.WebHost.ApplicationModule.SetupEventStore(IServiceCollection services) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.WebHost/ApplicationModule.cs:line 228

   at Terrasoft.WebHost.ApplicationModule.Configure(IServiceCollection services) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.WebHost/ApplicationModule.cs:line 354

   at Terrasoft.Core.DI.AutofacContainerBuilder.Build() in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.Core.DI/AutofacContainerBuilder.cs:line 63

   at Terrasoft.Core.DI.ContainerBuilder.Build() in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.Core.DI/ContainerBuilder.cs:line 100

   at Terrasoft.Core.DI.ServiceProvider.ServiceProviderFactory.CreateServiceProvider(ContainerBuilder containerBuilder) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.Core.DI/ServiceProvider/ServiceProviderFactory.cs:line 23

   at Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.Internal.ServiceFactoryAdapter`1.CreateServiceProvider(Object containerBuilder)

   at Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.HostBuilder.CreateServiceProvider()

   at Microsoft.Extensions.Hosting.HostBuilder.Build()

   at Terrasoft.WebHost.Program.StartWebApplication(String[] args) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.WebHost/Program.cs:line 26

   at Terrasoft.WebHost.Program.<>c__DisplayClass2_0.b__0(StartOptions _) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.WebHost/Program.cs:line 62

   at CommandLine.ParserResultExtensions.MapResult[T1,T2,TResult](ParserResult`1 result, Func`2 parsedFunc1, Func`2 parsedFunc2, Func`2 notParsedFunc)

   at Terrasoft.WebHost.Program.Main(String[] args) in /opt/buildagent/work/ApplicationCoreLinux/TSBpm/Src/Lib/Terrasoft.WebHost/Program.cs:line 59

Aborted (core dumped)

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incident resolved 

ports 5000 and 5002 needed to be released

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What is the recommended approach for Production and Development environments, regarding Customer ID ? should we use separate CIDs or share the same CID?

What is shared between the two environments when sharing the same CID?

What is the impact when exporting/importing packages when using different CIDs ?

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Customer ID is a specific number that indicates the client in our system. Customer ID is closely linked to licenses. There is no technical difference between using separate IDs for development/production environments and sharing the same CIDs. As well, there is no technical impact on exporting/importing packages when using different CIDs. 


Please, let us know in case any further information is required. 


Best regards,


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Hi. In order to protect the production instance,  I understand that changes and development should be carried out on a separate instance (a trial instance, for example) and then exported to the production instance. I have tried the "Install application" panel, but I have seen that imported packages cannot be changed, so it will not work...

What is the appropriate environment/procedure for that ?

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Hello Ricardo,


Please review this article since it describes a complete development process with carrying changes from dev to prod. It is also a good idea to backup the production application database during maintenance hours for your prod so to be able to restore it from backup in case some data was lost accidentally.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

unfortunately we have less than 20 licenses, and hence we are not entitled to have a separate development system. I understand that we will have to work directly on the production instance, is it true ? 

Ricardo Bigio,

You can request an on-site application from Support and install Creatio on-premise. 


Best regards,


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