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We have renamed Activities section to Interaction Logs and also configured fields using mobile application wizard under Main workplace. But when we install the package in cloud instances, the Activities section is not getting replaced with the fields that are configured in local. I have bound the "Main workplace" in SysMobileWorkplace once again with force update on Name.
I would like to know about binding the sections within the Main workplace in Mobile Workplace Setup.

Product and version : 7.17 - Sales Team Edition

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Hi DhariniS, 

The output of the section is stored in the mobile application manifest, therefore, if you transferred all the records about the section and the manifest, then the section in the mobile application will also be transferred.


Please check out the information about mobile application manifest:







Here are some guides of how to work and set up mobile application:

Set up mobile app workplaces : 




Set up mobile application section list: 




Set up mobile application section page:




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Bogdan L.


Bogdan Lesyk,

Thanks for the detailed reply Bogdan. We have transferred all the files related to mobile application and workplace. As we use the default workplace the 

MobileApplicationManifestDefaultWorkplace is getting transferred.

All sections and its page setup got transferred as part of the package except for "Interaction Logs" which is nothing but "Activities" section with some customizations. Is there a way we can data bind this?



It seems not possible to bind just one section. Just import the package like you did before. If you are going to do it, please firstly make sure that you have this section on your dev/prod app, from which you import it.


Actually we performed some tests and most likely the problem in Manifest file.


Please check your MobileApplicationManifestDefaultWorkplace file in configurations and make sure that you don't have any comments here(because json doesn't like any comments).Make sure that you have "Interaction Logs" instead of  my "Activity" here. Also please check if the attribute "Hidden" is false and you have the same json properties. Screen below: 




Also please check out the this link, here is manifest file with all needed properties which were created automatically in manifest json file. Please compare it to your manifest and you might find the error there:






Bogdan L. 



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