I have a custom detail, to edit some record:

  1. I have to click on it,
  2. then click on the ... vertical points icon and
  3. then select edit.


How can I made some field, like "Order number" to when I click on it, the edit record page open? just one step to edit the record.


Thanks in advance


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Dear Julio,


You can add a column that was selected as display value for the object to make it clickable. For example for Case object display value is case number, so if the case number is added to detail it becomes clickable. 

FYI, you could also just double click on the record to open it. 


Best regards,

Dear Angela Reyes,

Could you please explain more on how to make it clickable? Maybe by sharing some piece of code


Thank you in advance.



Mohammad Yahfoufi

Mohammad Yahfoufi,


A field on the detail is clickable by the default if it has the “Lookup” type. Please see the screenshot below:



Therefore, it is difficult to understand what you want to achieve. Please provide us with a more detail description of the required functionality.


Best regards,


Norton Lingard,

Hi Norton what I ask at the beginning of this Article and I think what Mohammad also wants to know is have a field like a Case number or similar, not a lookup, where if you click on this it open the case, in this case if you have a detail with some detail, could have some field to identify each line of this detail, like a correlative, and enable this field to be clickable to could click on it and open the detail line. Is that's correct 

Mohammad ?


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Hi community,

Its possible when i click a field on a dashboard(view) display another view with another information?

King regards!

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Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in out-of-the-box system.

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