How to change the User's chat status to be active automatically?


I need to change the User chat status to be active based on one particular field. I'm not sure which field to be updated for achieving the same.


Kindly suggest any solutions for the same.






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Hi Sivaranjani,


Did you ever receive a solution for this or figure one out yourself? I am in need of this same functionality.

Madelyn Morina,

I have the same problem, how can I change this status 

based on one particular field?

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Whether or not a System User is Active can be read from System administration object.  However, when the state of Active is changed in System Users, no Signal is caught using Record Modified if the Active flag was changed manually in System Users.  The Signal only triggers a process if the Active status is changed by another process.

How can a process be started when changing the Active status of a System User manually?

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In order to create the functionality please use object "Users/roles (view)" instead of "System administration object" (https://prnt.sc/pj03qp).

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