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How can I possibly integrate facebook in CRM? I want to get the post from our facebook page and create it as Case in CRM. 

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Hello Fulgen,

As for Facebook integration: on April 2018 Facebook company closed the possibility of integration with it (Facebook closed its API) unilaterally. It was a result of proceedings between Facebook and US government. We do also have a correspondent problem registered for our R&D team, but they cannot do anything here since API integration was disabled by Facebook. Information on Academy is also outdated so please don't use it.

As for now there is no possibility to integrate with Facebook, but we are currently working on making this possible, but unfortunately without any ETA. I will also notify our Academy team so they could remove the article regarding Facebook integration.

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Oscar Dylan,

Hi Oscar,

Is there an update with this? Is it possible now to integrate facebook in creatio?

Hello Fulgen,


In the 7.17.0 version, customers can write private messages to your company page on Facebook or using the Facebook Messenger plug-in available on the website. You will be able to process all the messages in Creatio, they will be saved on a customer page. The agents can process the incoming chats in the communication panel, provide consultations in real-time, as well as send instructions and additional materials. When working with chats, agents can create cases based on customer requests:




Please, let us know in case any further information is required. 


Best regards, 


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