i can't add new text field to contact (customer360app) module

Collection "EntitySchemaColumnCollection" item "EntitySchemaColumn" with unique identifier "{65DB5BF4-C253-4BD3-8988-CA1C6397A7EE}" not found.

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Hello Arkadiusz Polus,


This is not a typical error and it does not recreate OOTB.


Please contact Creatio support directly at support@creatio.com. It would be required to inspect this particular issue individually.


Best Regards,


Hello Arkadiusz Polus,

Did you get the answer for this issue? Because I have the same issue.



Timea Losonc,

Hello Timea,


Please contact Creatio support directly at support@creatio.com providing the details of your issue. This is not a typical error and, thus, each case should be inspected individually.


Best regards,


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is it safe to unistall 'Customer 360' application that has appeared in our cloud system after upgrade to 8.0.6?


Thank you!


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Please note that we do not recommend deleting this application, since there are base objects depending on it and it may resolve in issues on the site. If you don't intend using it, better to simply remove (hide) the sections from the workplaces instead of fully deleting it.

Mira Dmitruk,

We just have a situation that:

1. Our developing environment on-site is on 8.0.4

2. Customer test cloud environment is on 8.0.6

3. Customer production cloud environment is on 8.0.4

And there is object AccountAddress changed in 'Customer 360', but we cannot inhertit it cause otherwise our package will not work in production cloud. That gives us several issues

Kind regars,


I tried to uninstall this package on 8.0.6 because it impacted configuration I had previously made. Unfortunately we can't delete it. 

I am glad to have come upon this post!

Not that I am happy there is an issue, but you are avoiding us from doing a mistake. 8.0.6 does not seem the best Creatio version (albeit going in the right direction !)

Will refrain upgrading our on-premise clients past 8.0.5 until this is properly sorted out in 8.1.x (most probably will all the changes planned, 8.1.0 will not be properly ready either, and will wait for minor fixes first...)

Damien Collot,

1.1 is always better than 0.x :)

But here we have cloud

Vladimir Sokolov,


Could you please also specify the build of your systems?

Sales enterprise

I can see myself wanting to transition entirely to Creatio Studio. If all components that are used on OOTB sections/objects are available in the no-code designer, it feels like it's much better to start from scratch, given no customisation ends up like anything OOTB. 

I'm also hoping that there won't be performance issues for instances set up prior to 8.0.6 as it looks like so major changes of base packages on 8.1 forward

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