Hy everyone,


I have encountered an issue where I am trying to call my webservice endpoint and I'm getting a 404 - Not found error.

I have tried calling it through a button's function and also through Postman app, but I get the same error.

There is no ..\Creatio Instance\Terrasoft.WebApp\0\rest directory where I have installed my Creatio locally.

My Creatio version is



Any idea how to fix this issue?


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Have you made any recent changes to the webservice endpoint? Also, have there been any recent changes to the Creatio instance?


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Alla Blinova,

Hi Alla,

I haven't made any changes to the webservice endpoint since I have created it.

The process was:

1. Create the C# code object in the advanced settings

2. Code the webservice function

3. Compile the package

4. Edit the classicUI section page source code (Adding button to call the webservice)

5. Complie the package once again


Also, there weren't any changes regarding my Creatio instance.

Few weeks ago I had done the same steps on a cloud trial version where it worked just perfectly.

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Then we would suggest trying to call the webservice with a different record or data set to see if the issue persists.

If the issue continues, then try the source code generation and full compilation as a potential solution.

Alla Blinova,

I have tried to recomplie the individual package, then all the other packages and also tried source code generation but I had no success.

However I had a saved package where I have used a similar webservice. I installed this package on a trial cloud environment then locally.

The webservice call worked both on cloud and on local environment.

After this I exported my package which has the reported problem regarding webservice and installed it on cloud and it still doesn't work there.


Is there a method to check whether I have all the requirements to call the webservice, or is it possible to compare the two webservice/package components?

Hi Alla,


I have been able to resolve the issue.

I tried to call [Creatio instance]/0/rest/[package name]/[function call] instead of [Creatio instance]/0/rest/[webservice class]/[function call].


Thank you for your help.

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I am getting a 404 error while creating a new "Workplace".


Do you have any idea how to fix the issue?


Note : I have installed/enabled "WCF Services" and "ASP .NET 4.7" for my local PC bundle sucessfully.


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Hello Nagaraju,

Could you please tell us what is the version of your instance?

Thank you.

Bohdan Zdor,




To fix it you should check the next strings in the internal web.config file which is stored in Terrasoft.WebApp folder:


<add key="FeatureLoadPackagesBinAssembliesOnAppStart" value="true" />

   <add key="EnableRegisterServicesFromRefAssemblies" value="true" />

    <add key="EnableRegisterEntityEventsFromRefAssemblies" value="true" />

    <add key="EnableRegisterDIBindingsFromRefAssemblies" value="true" />

After you edit the web.config file, please go to the path 


and replace the file SspWorkplace.dll with the attached one.

Also, go to the path Terrasoft.WebApp\Terrasoft.Configuration\Pkg\Workplace\Files\Bin

and replace the file Workplace.dll with the attached one.

You can find files here 



Thank you.


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