URL not updating when drilling into detail records

When drilling into a detail record from an edit page, the URL shown for the page in the address bar does not update to match the record shown by default. Is there any way to make this happen in client-side code? Or perhaps a setting which can be enabled? An important part of the application I'm currently working on is the ability for users to share the links to pages externally, and being able to do so by copying the URL sometimes (e.g. when drilling into a Section record to get to the edit page) but not other times isn't good UX for the client.


We know we can add an action bar button to copy the link, but this also isn't what he client would like if avoidable, for the above reason (consistency).

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Hello Harvey,


Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a direct URL when opening a record from the detail since Creatio is a single-page application, the navigation is stored in operative memory and could not be obtained. This is done to enhance system speed.


We do have a problem registered for our R&D team in the "Accepted" status regarding the possibility to dynamically change the link once the record from the detail is opened and it is planned to modify the current logic in one of the future releases. As for now the only way to retrieve the direct link is to open the detail record in another tab by right-clicking on it and selecting the "Open in another tab" option.


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