Updating Access Rights tables in bulk


We need to assign Accounts(and other related custom objects) to different groups(Organizational roles) based on a field in the Account object. The field is similar to the "Assignees Group" field in the "Case" object.

We need to do this in bulk for all the records after some data is imported. Is there a way to update the AccountAccessRights so that the access rights can be refreshed for all the Accounts at once? If there is an example somewhere we can refer to that would be helpful.

We have looked into the business process approach, but it is slow as it starts a new process for each record processed and we see thousands of backlogged processes in the system.

Thank you

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you can create and run process like this. Don't forget to set "Maximum number of repetitions" parametr > count of your Accounts

Another method is to write Update for database table SysAccountRights

Ask for more details if you need 

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