UI Trimming when Using Object Permissions

When I prevent a specific user from deleting records of a specific section. Let us say, User A cannot delete contacts. After configuring this in object permission:

Login using User A, go to contact page, select a record, you will still be able to see the Delete button but you will not be able to delete.

Is there any settings to let the delete button be automatically hidden when there is insufficient permissions?

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After denying access to delete records from a section - delete button won't disappear and user will be able to click it, but there will be a popup stating that this user has no rights to perform this action.

Unfortunately there is no system setting that declares button disappearing when denying access rights are configured for a record to be deleted and this logic can be achieved only via additional development. Here are community articles that describe how to hide a button on a page here, here, here, here and here. I will also create a suggestion to our R&D team so they could implement this login in out-of-the-box version in future.

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