(SOLVED) How to FIlter Detail in Page with complex filter

Hi Everyone.

I have 2 section, section Contact and Flight Detail (FD). Both are connected (FD is detail of Contact).

I want to display just apart of data of the detail were have conditions below:

Contact.Email == FD.Email AND Contact.Full Name == FD.Full Name

For example, I open data Contact with Full Name = “ALI BABA” and when I saw detail FD, the detail automatically only display data as the conditions above.

the picture below display all data of detail, while I want to display is data in the red circle.

How to implement that? any solution or trick ?



I found posting with same question

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Dear Romadan,

In order to achieve such task you can use filter group approach. 

You can also check the article below for additional instructions on types of filters and filter group itself:……



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