Select multiple records and run a business process

Hello Team, 


Is there a way to select multiple records in the Freedom UI list page and run a process?

I had a button added to the page which triggers a process. However, when multiple records are selected on the list page, I click on the button and the process is not triggered.

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Unfortunately, it is impossible to set up an action "Select multiple records" in your custom section.


We've registered it in our R&D team backlog for implementation in the future application releases. Thank you for helping us to improve our product.

Hi, is there any news regarding this requirement? I would like to build business processes that run for every selected record of a list.

Csilla Kiss,

It is now possible to have this done with the latest version of Creatio Quantum 8.1.2. If you use a new trial or your site is updated to 8.12, you can run your business process from a selected list of records.  Please review the release notes for 8.1.2…;

Dominic Lashley,


That link is broken. The release notes do not specify how to do this. Any other links with an example of how to pass a collection to a business process from the client on Freedom UI version 8.1.2?



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