Section not appearing in object permissions



I have created custom sections on the dev environment, and installed the package to the production environment.

When i try to apply object permissions in production, only the existing sections appear and not my custom sections.

Noting that i can see my sections in the workplace management interface.


Has anyone encountered this problem before ?


Thank you


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You need to check several options:

- –°heck that the object has no publishing errors, and compile the application. 

- Check the rights to the section/workspace and that the user has the right license.

- Check the mapping in the SysModul table. It is possible that the section was added to the same workplace twice and there are some duplicates at the database level, in this case, the section will simply not show up. You need to delete the entries at the database level and add the section again.


If the above tips do not help, it is better to contact technical support.

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