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Has anyone found out if there is anyway to insert a sales quota/objective per rep in reports/dashboards (sales quota per trimester and per year) so that we can compare the progression of the sales rep towards his objectives ?

By default the only option given is to compare expected revenue from existing opp vs actual revenue - but this does not cover a yearly/quarterly fixed objective)


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Hello Damien,


Could you please specify which object and columns exactly you want to use in the dashboards?


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Well that the question.

At the moment, the example of a "quota" is by taking an expected amount (which varies depending on number of opps in the system) in an opp (see demo versions of creatio) and comparing to closed won actual amount.

What I am looking for is how to compare actual amounts with a company level FIXED sales objective [the company using the CRM or for sales users of the CRM]  (for any sales, or category of sales) vs what is being closed on opp level.

Creatio is the 1st CRM I come across that doesn't have this functionality OOTB.

Example at pipedrive: (you can set activity goals, or sales goals, etc...)

Damien Collot,

You can use the Forecasts section to achieve your goal. There you can set up the expected value, the actual value by the object. In this section you can also configure the time periods and list of columns and on the far right of the table you will see the total yearly comparison.


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