Retain active state of DCM in different environments.

Hi Team,

I am using 7.18 CRM bundle instance. I have disabled OOTB DCM in opportunities section and using a custom one. However, when I export  package to different environment, I find both the DCM s enabled but I require only custom one enabled. Can someone help me how to achieve the same or let me know if any data binding has to be done for "Active" field across environments.



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Hi Gokul, 

It seems to be caused by the fact, that you have different colums specified as Stage columns is the DCMs. 

Please try to specify the same column for both DCMs and try again. 

Even then, if you import a DCM for the same category of records, that already have DCM enabled, it will be imported as deactivated, as only one DCM can be run for one record at the time. 

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Yurii Sokil,

Thank you for the quick response. I should change the stage column for the default DCM to my own custom field and make it inactive right? Also I have another use case where I don't have to use DCM in the section at all and in which case could you help us on how to make it "inactive" across all environments on exporting package?

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