Refresh the data automatically. PowerBI Connection from Creatio

I have been told by support that creatio powerbi connector is not supported for powerbi web and auto refresh is only available in powerbi cloud. Is there any way I can have auto refresh my creatio data in powerbi app. I want to schedule some reports that i created in powerbi but for that i need latest data everytime. Does anyone has experience with this one? 


We are also exploring efficient methods to ensure continuous access to the latest data from Creatio for our Power BI reports. Given that direct automatic syncing isn't available, we are considering setting up a data warehouse or data factory. This setup would facilitate data transfer from Creatio to Power BI indirectly. Does anyone know if there are any existing integrations, marketplace plugins, or recommended practices that support this functionality?


Specifically, we're interested in any solutions that would allow a Creatio business process to automatically trigger an external service or webhook overnight, which in turn would refresh our Power BI dataset. Your guidance on setting up a reliable process for accessing up-to-date data would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support. 

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We use Starfish for just that. It Syncs the data down to our DW. We use it for internal reporting, and also POWERBI. We embed the PowerBI reports in Creatio Dashboards.

keith schmitt,

Do you also filter embeded PowerBI reports by Creatio current user?


Vladimir Sokolov,

I do not pass any filters. It is just a web view of the Powerbi report. There are filters in the Report the user can use.

keith schmitt,

Thank you for the response. I will check if this solution is feasible in our environment


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