Redirect to SSO page automatically without clicking on SSO link in login page

Hello team,


We have enabled Azure AD SSO for our customer. One issue we face is that every time the customer hits the login page, they are required to click on the "Login with Single Sign On" link. Is it possible to auto redirect to SSO (assuming that users are signed in)?

Could you also please let us know if there are any config related changes we need to enable to auto login via SSO?

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We're also facing this same requirement for our client and haven't seen an option for this - would be great to hear if it's possible and if not if it could be added to Creatio.

Harvey Adcock, Shivani,

It is possible. Do you use cloud or on-premise?


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Hi Bhoobalan, it is possible on cloud instances by contacting Creatio to enable it. The implementation isn’t great unless all your users (including dev/admins) use SSO though, as the auto-redirect will be cached meaning you cannot log in using Creatio username and password without using a fresh incognito window every time - it’s quite frustrating. They need to add a link that can always be used to log in via non-SSO means. 

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