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Is is possible to have quick filters for detail similar to the Owner and Date filters on the Activity Section? If so, is there any academy article on that? 

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Dear Hatim,

Your detail object needs to have the Owner or Date columns to be able to display them in the filter. Here is the example.

Lets add the owner lookup field based on the contacts to the Noteworthy Events detail. As the result, you can get apply the filter to the detail and select the owner

You can also set up the columns of the detail and display the  owner 

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Dean Parrett,

Thank you for your response. 

We do have owner and date fields in the date to filter on, however we want these filters available as quick filters (just like Owner and Date Quick filters in Activity Section). These quick filters should automatically appear next to the Detail as soon as the Page with this Detail is rendered. 

Intended Quick filter on the Detail is shown below

Dear Hatim,

Here is the example of how to add these filters to a section

You can analyse it and implement for the detail.

Best regards,


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