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When I am trying to send request from BPM (http://localhost:82) to external web app (https://localhost:58733) via 'call web service' system action I am getting an error:

" could not establish secure channel for ssl/tls ---> the remote certificate is invalid"

What I am doing wrong? 'Call Web Service' system action should work with SSL/TLS without any problem?

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I've used Call Web Service with SSL without issue. That error is a general .NET error that usually relates to issues with the certificate and likely means one of the following is true:

  • The certificate doesn't match the URL.
  • The certificate is self-signed and not added as a trusted certificate.
  • The certificate is expired.
  • The certificate is signed by a root certificate that's not installed on your machine.

If the cert is ok, and since this is a local install, you can try going to the external URL in IE (on the server where Bpm'online is installed), click the lock icon then "View Certificates", then click the button to "Install Certificate" (be sure you select to install on "Local Machine" and not "Current User"


Please use this article to troubleshoot the issue… and also Ryan is right. The reason is probably in certificate so that's why you need to check it firstly.

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