Package import and client module JavaScript

I am developing an application using a Creatio trial (before implementing on the development server).  I have saved the application as a package, and have imported back into another Creatio trial.  Everything works fine.


The problem I have is I am not able to edit the JavaScript I have developed in the package's replacing client modules.  When I view the client module from the Configuration page, I can see the JavaScript that I have developed, but when I try to edit the JavaScript from the section wizard, there is only a 'define' function with empty sections, not the JavaScript that I developed.


Is it possible to continue developing client module JavaScript from one trial of Creatio to another?


Thanks in advance,

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Dear Gareth, 

The logic behind this behavior is that when any changes comes in the package they should not be directly changed since packages can be distributed by third-party publishers. 

Only way to change functionality installed is to re-define the code or add new methods within the new replacing module in your custom packages. 

Kind regards,



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