Open "LinkPageV2" Custom.

I created a page to inherit from "FileDetailV2" and I need to open the linkpage I created from "LinkPageV2". Double clicking on the grid is called the original page and not the one I created. Thanks!

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Dear Marcelo,

Firstly, there is no such function in the FileDetailV2 as "merge". The function you want to override is "init".

If you intend to change parent schema method realization you need to create a replacing schema and in its methods block you write the function with its original name, since otherwise how would JS engine know you want to override exactly this function. If you intend to modify the basic code, you copy the whole basic code from the function and modify just the needed part, leaving other as it is.

Secondly, "merge" operation is legit only for the diff section of the schema.



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