Migrate standard package to assembly package

Hi community,

I have a standard package and would like to migrate it to the new assembly-type package.

I know it is possible to move a single package element to another package, but I have never done it.

Do you have any suggestions?


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Please note there's a useful article on Creatio Academy on Package conversion that should help with your need. Make sure to check it and lt us know if questions appear!


Kind regards,


Mira Dmitruk,

Thank you Mira

I will give you a feedback

Stefano Bassoli,

Hi Mira,

I have a standard package installed in the production environment.

What happens if I migrate to an assembly package and then try to install it in my production environment.

Is this a supported scenario?

A technical youtube video going in more details about uses cases, best practice and advantages of this new feature would be great :)

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