Is it possible to specify Data requirements for Case Management transitions?

Is it possible to specify certain data requirements for case management transitions to be enabled/disabled on?


For example, say I wanted to only enable a case transition from 'Draft' to 'Published' when there's at least one file attachment record - would this be possible?


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Harvey, 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to implement such behavior using out-of-the-box functionality.

But it is possible to do it with the help of additional development

which will perform the page validation to check if here's a file attached.

Thank you!


Bohdan Zdor,


Do you have an example of how this might be done so that it integrates nicely with how Case Management works out of the box? i.e. disabling clicking on a subsequent step unless a certain data condition is true? The simplest way I can think to implement this would be to have validation on the save event, but this would still allow the user to click on the subsequent stage but just fail to save, which isn't a great user experience.




Harvey Adcock,


Such integration is possible in theory, but we did not face such integration before. You can only operate with the information which is available on the Academy.

Thank you.


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