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In my object "Case" i created a new value ofthe type integer that was suposed to beused to calculate de average from all records, but by default the value is 0 wich will afect the result, is there any way to make that value "NULL"?


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Nuno Gonçalves

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Dear Nuno,

If you need to store NULL value and calculations result in a field - use "String" data type field and use convertions from integer to string and vise versa. As a result you will be able to store integers and NULL in such a field. Here is an article regarding convertion from String to Integer (from our Community) and from Integer to String (from Stack Overflow).

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Oscar Dylan,

This is not an acceptable response because the String field allows non-numeric answers that generate errors when parsed to numbers.  The only reliable work around is to add a boolean field that the user can check to indicate that a zero is really the answer, which is ridiculous.

This is the community article I wrote on parsing a String to an Integer:

Janine White,

There is no such a data type accept of string data type that allows storing NULL (not empty value but NULL) and integer values in it. Also I was referring to your community post when answering this question (you can simply check it if you click on "Sting to Integer" text in my previous reply).

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