Install application from file

When I install application from file, occurs an error:

insert or update on table "SysPackageDataLcz" violates foreign key constraint "FKfg1JPl35PDx2FCE8Oagxv7VAMIc"


Can you help me? Thank you

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Dear Carolina,
   The error was caused by a sql-query. In order to catch the query please deploy the application on-site and use Sql Server Profiler. Then please try to analyze the query and find out what went wrong.

   Most likely the error caused by missing cultures in the target application. Please check that the target application contains all cultures from the application where the package was developed. For further developing please, use the same product and version on the dev and target application.  

   For more detailed assistance, please contact technical support.

Besr regards,


What can I do? Is there any configuration - data (in advanced settings) to add?

I don't have access to folder of target application.

My local environment is on version 7.14.2 and target application is on version 7.14.1.


Thank you

How do I have all the cultures?

I compare two database and the data in SysCulture table is the same.

Dear Carolina,
Unfortunately, it's not possible to install a package on a different version. Please consider upgrading the target application to 7.14.2. 
Best regards,

Thanks for your reply.


The target application was upgraded to 7.14.2.

I continue with this error:
Terrasoft.Common.DbOperationException: Npgsql.PostgresException (0x80004005): 23503: insert or update on table "SysPackageDataLcz" violates foreign key constraint "FKfg1JPl35PDx2FCE8Oagxv7VAMIc"

Is there a problem if the local database is different than target database?

My local database is SQL Server and target database is PostgreSQL.


On target application I can't change the "Date and time format" and "Time zone" in my profile. May be related?

I have this error: Errors occurred while saving the profile. Please try to save again.


Best regards,


My problem is solved.

The database from target application was in PostgreSQL and now it is updated to SQL Server.

Then I did an install application from file and it's working fine.

After update, it's possible change "Date and time format" and "Time zone" in my profile. 


Thanks for help :)

Best regards

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