Importing of Forecast

Hi Community,

Any idea how we can import data from excel to "Forecast by Customer". Thanks





Dear Fulgen,

Unfortunately, there is no functionality for data import of export in the forecasts section since it is based on multiple tables. Theoretically it might be possible to import the data into ForecastItemValue and ContactForecast however it is quite complicated to match all the data and map the columns correctly and we do not recommend doing that. We already had similar requests from different customers, therefore most likely this option will be available in the future application releases.

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Thanks Dean,

What are the tables involved on this module? I am trying to insert data directly on the database.


The tables that are used in Forecast module are: Forecast, ForecastColumn, ForecastCoulmnType, ForecastDimension, ForecastIndicator, ForecastItem, ForecastitemValue, ForecastRow and ForecastSheet. And as Dean mentioned - it will be very difficult to map all data between these tables and unfortunately there is no documentation on this topic. If you need to do that - you need to explore all connections between those tables and only after that you can start data import.

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