Identify if record is manually added or added by a business process


I have a BP that copies all schools from order to project when a project is attached to an order. In addition, users can manually add a school to the project, but is this case I want to email the owner to Realign the schools.

I created a BP with a trigger of 'school in project is added' that sends an email to the project's owner. I don't want this to run when the record was added by the other BP, just when it was manually added by a user.

How can I identify how the record was created?



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I have a solution for this but would like to know if there is an OOB feature to identify this or if anyone has a better solution.

My solution: Add a flag field to the school in project object called 'created from a BP' and set it to true in the BP that creates schools, and run the send email BP only for records with 'Created from BP == false'.



Hello Chani,


By OOTB You can use "Connect process to object" element inside BP and connect created by BP record with process. But to validate whether record was created by BP You have to search "Process object view (packages)" object like {Object Id = Id (of created record)}.

I think Your solution is also correct.




Hello Chani,


There is no specific oob feature to identify whether the record was added manually or by the business process. 

We would like to recommend to consider a workaround provided by Marcin to achieve your business task.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.


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