How to use Freedom UI page with Pre Configured Page element?

We can create a new Freedom UI page and select it in the "Pre-Configured Page" element where we can set our page parameters:

But how would we associate one of these page parameters with a datasource ID and load up that datasource when the page loads?

Currently the freedom ui page opens, but no data is loaded.

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There was a bug in the versions of Creatio which did not allow you to fully use the Freedom UI elements in preconfigured pages. 

It was fixed in the 8.0.6 version, so you could try updating to it.


If you are already using the latest and greatest, please feel free to contact support for a deeper analysis of the issue.

Just send us an email at


Thank you!

Hi Artem, 

I was using a freedom UI page as pre-configured... But how do you add the parameters to the Freedom UI page? On the classic page you add with no code. 

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