How to trigger the OnEntityInitialized of Contact edit page in Mobile Application development?

Hi Team,

I have a scenario where I have developed a custom function in ContactPageV2 web application and trigger it in OnEntityInitialized().

How could I apply the same to the mobile application development setup?

A scenario in Web Application:


OnEntityInitialized : function(){





customFunction : function(){

//My Custom Logic


How could I achieve the same in Mobile development?

Also, How to trigger a Business Process in Mobile development (both by Button click or auto-trigger)

Kindly guide me on the same!


Bhoobalan P.

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Hi Bhoobalan,


The only analog of onEntityInitialized is onLoadRecord method of the base record page controller. So you need to study its implementation in the mobile app to use the same logic on the contact page of the mobile app.


As for calling business processes from buttons in the mobile app - it's not possible because of the business process call core mechanism. But processes that should start by the signal will be triggered successfully when specified conditions to start a process by the signal are met in the mobile app.


Best regards,


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