How to skip the user task pop-up in DCM?



I need to build a scenario where the user can perform a task by directly clicking on the "Complete" button of a User task on the DCM, without having to choose an Activity result in the subsequent pop-up. 

In other words, the "Complete" button should directly perform the desired action. 


Could anyone please guide me on how such a functionality could be achieved. 

Thank you.

Following is the screenshot for reference:

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Hello Rahul,


You need to override the onExecuteButtonClick method of the ActivityDashboardItemViewModel schema and use the logic similar to the next one:


1) Get the activity Id using ESQ

2) Set the "Completed" status for this activity


We don't have a code example of this logic implementation and you will need to create your own code to achieve the task.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hello Oscar,

Thank you for the response.

I tried to proceed with your suggestion. However, I can see that the ActivityDashboardItemViewModel schema is not replaceable.

I have following questions in this regard:

1) Could you guide me on how to proceed with overriding the above method, and will doing so require replacing the ActivityDashboardItemViewModel schema or I will have to create a new schema altogether?

2) Also, just to have a guidance on one of the alternative approach that I had tried, I tried assigning the activity as "Completed" by going into the advanced mode of the activity setup, in the DCM, however that did not seem to work. So, was I also doing something similar to what you had suggested above but in a different way, or are these entirely different solutions?

Following is the screenshot for your reference of the above mentioned alternative:


Thank you in advance.


Rahul Kumar,


The ActivityDashboardItemViewModel is a view model and Ryan Farley created a perfect article that explains how to correctly replace modules (see his comment here You need to replace the ActivityDashboardItemViewModel in the same way.


The second approach you tried should set the result to "Completed" by default so it's not a solution in the case when a user should click a "Completed" button and this action should set the "Completed" status for the activity.


Best regards,


How can I do this in FreedomUI ?


Andres Arrigonni,

Unfortunately, this is not currently possible in Freedom UI. We have already created a task for the R&D team to add this feature in future versions. 

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