How to show collection of record in Auto-generated page?



I am trying to implement a web-service integration that provides a collection of fields as a response, and adding it to an auto-generated page to show the results. Can someone guide me how I can implement this functionality to grab fields from a collection and show them as separate individual fields?

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I think it depends. If the quantity of fields you need is static and will not change, you can just read individual values and point them to specific fields. If it is a variable, its more complex. 

I am limited in coding, so I would do this as a detail rather than fields. You would have to code something special, I think, to get a variable quantity of fields to display. But with a detail, it will scale with the number of records you want to show. You can also change the detail to an "Editable Detail" if you want the user to edit the values inline. You can either have the detail show the actual records for direct editing, or you can setup a sort of temporary object for the detail that you read and write to that then you can use later.

Hi Reid,


Thank you for your answer. I do get your point and even I was thinking along the same lines.

The issue that I am facing right now, is when I'm trying to call a web-service in the business process, using the "Call web-service" element, the response of that web-service is a collection of objects, and any element (Auto-generated Page/Pre-configured page/etc) that I add after this web-service element, does not take that collection of objects at all. It only takes the "Response body" as the value. And when I map the individual values somehow, they do not reflect the results as desired, because they can't just pick one value out of a collection of values randomly, and hence the fields show blank in the result.

So I'm just trying to figure out if this out-of-the-box functionality works only for individual fields or for collection of objects also. 

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