How to remove/hide "Actions" button on Case Page?

Hello Community, 

I need to remove the "Actions" button from the Case record page, I have tried the following codes in the DIFF array, to do remove the button but none of them seem to work:


"operation": "remove",

"name": "ActionsButton"



"operation": "remove",

"name": "ActionButton"


Can someone guide me on how this can be possible?

Thank you in advance.


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In order to remove the "Actions" button from the Case record page there is a need to add  the following code to the CaseSection schema: 



          "name": "CombinedModeActionsButton"


Please refer to the below example:

define("CaseSection", [], function() {

    return {

        entitySchemaName: "Case",

        details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{}/**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/,

        diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[{


                  "name": "CombinedModeActionsButton"


        methods: {}




This way while opening the Case record from the Case section the "Action" button will be hidden. 


Best regards, 


Anastasiia Zhuravel,

Thank you for the clarification.

I had tried the same change, but was doing it on CasePageV2 hence it did not reflect. 

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