How to navigate directly to edit page when selecting a record in acount list ?

In my case i am using the old interface in mobile and when i click on a record i want to go dirzctly to edit page not to details page . any idea please ?

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The account preview page that has an option of edit is displayed by default when clicking on the account record in the account list in mobile. There is no need to override any logic, it works as you described in the question.


If you need to have this functionality elsewhere, calling:


Terrasoft.util.openEditPage("Order", {recordId: "b3c54309-730a-45f3-a028-1f3184c180ad"});


will open order edit page for the order record with b3c54309-730a-45f3-a028-1f3184c180ad Id. So you need to think on where this openEditPage method call should be added.

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