How to make an Activity (Task/Email) required?

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When we create an activity(task/email) using business process element is it possible to mark that as a mandatory task? Like the "Step type" option we have in the DCM. 

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Hello Champi,


As far as I understand, you are creating an activity using the "Add data" element in the business process.

Could you please specify how exactly should a required activity behave?


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Thanks for the reply Max. And yes I am trying to create an activity using the "Add date" element in the business process. 

I want it to be mandatory , so that the user can not skip that task. Which means when there is another status change in the DCM based on that activity, it should be completed before the user move forward.

Champi Chandrasiri,

So you want the business process to not move forward until the activity gets completed?


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Not the business process actually. If that is the scenario I would have use "perform task" element. In my scenario the user should not move forward without completing the task...

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